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We like to avoid indulging in our self-congratulation, we explain:
We producer of L’IMPERMEABILE are not making fashion, we do not create a product just because it is in fashion, in reality we produce RAINCOATS since 1948!
because fashion as far as we believe do not develop but only change, destroy today what was created just a year before.
Fashion itself deny to the individuals to choose, day after day, what to wear.
At today’s date all around us there are lots of objects, clothing that are very far from our feelings and far from our needs.
The intimate process of owning a garment and make it as part of our world is disappearing.
We must remember that fashion has actually promoted uniformity against personal choice.
If we are not careful culture that reflect in personal style with own taste in wear will be disappearing soon!
Nowadays we have lost the culture and knowledge of how to wear therefore it is up to the producers with historic memorials, specialized producers, that from generation to generation have handed down know-how and value of the product, to spread to the consumers a new sense of beauty and the satisfaction to purchase garments that will bring years of happiness in wearing them letting them to become part of your style and wear-wellness.

We are convinced that STYLE is the only reply to the depersonalizing of the mass-production fashion.
There are styles that are part of the fashion history, these are the ones that do keep the style, these do not need to change themselves every year.
Each of us wear L’IMPERMEABILE with his own style, proud to wear an iconic garment.
Through our philosophy we want to reconcile the relation between the person and his own style so let emerge the taste the knowledge of fabrics the culture of the details designed for a purpose and shaped by the time.
L’IMPERMEABILE is proud to be worn, bold because it is going to be recognized among the crowd, worn with your own touch of style.
Our raincoats do distinguish because we gave them a touch of vintage world, we are from Tuscany and we do like traditions, our Factory was born in 1948 and now into the 3rd generation, this is our approach to the products we manufacture since so long.
As it was in the early years of our factory our raincoats are delivered carefully packed each in individual box, with the same vintage image of the 60’.
Every season we carefully and slowly reconsider the designs and sketches of the 60’ that we store in our archive room, looking for original qualities to replicate these and offer them nowadays in our raincoats collection L’IMPERMEABILE same as at that time.
We are looking for: personal taste, style that do not disappear quickly, we are looking for bold individuals ready to expose themselves with their unique personality not lost into the crowd.
Maybe it will be fashion itself that will chase us?





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